. Nov 4, 2010 · I know this post is older, but haven't seen a solution that provides the actual information, so I want to share what I use for SQL Server 2012 and above. M. Step 2: Identify and assign one or more individuals as Software Assurance Managers. . create_date AS ‘SQL Server Install Date’, DATEADD(DD, 180, create_date) AS ‘SQL Server Expiry Date’ FROM.

How to check sql server license expiry date

server_principals WHERE type = 'S'.

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. The assignment of licenses to servers is handled externally. Verify the correct product key and. It takes a minimum of 5 licenses to start a new license agreement.

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. May I know how can we check qlik sense server licences expiry date. janardhan.

An installation of SQL Server has a "product key" to activate the installation for a particular SKU, but this is not a license.