5 = 1. And the angle of refraction is theta 2. When the incident angle equals the critical angle ( θ 1 = θ c ), the angle of refraction is 90° ( θ 2 = 90°). You can also determine the critical angle of the medium, provided the second medium has a smaller refractive index than the first. To find an angle of refraction: Find the refractive indices of air, n₁ =1, and water, n₂ = 1. May 23, 2023 · Snell's law, also known as the law of refraction, is a law stating the relationship between the angles of incidence and refraction, when referring to light passing from one medium to another medium such as air to water, glass to air, etc.

How to find angle of refraction calculator


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. Solve Snell's law equation for θ₂: sin(θ₂) = n₁sin(θ₁)/n₂. Specifically, it calculates the angle of deviation of the light ray following a transition from a refractive medium of index n 1 to another medium with refractive index n 2.

Light enters from medium-1 to medium-2.